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L-lysine hydrochloride 99%
Amino acids are the basis of the life of all animals and poultry. They play an important role in all physiological processes of animal organisms and are one of the main factors in increasing productivity.
Lysine is part of most proteins and peptides, digestive enzymes, participates in calcium metabolism and promotes bone growth, the development of the skeletal system, initiates cell division and the synthesis of nucleotides, proteins, hormones, antibodies, and strengthens the immune system.
The addition of synthetic lysine to the diets of animals, especially young animals, accelerates their growth and weight gain, increases resistance to stressful situations, endurance and productivity, improves product quality, and allows for more accurate normalization of animal diets by digestible amino acids. 

What is it?
A concentrate of the essential amino acid - Lysine.

How does it work?

  • plays an important role in the work of the endocrine and immune systems;
  • used by the body to synthesize muscle tissue;
  • necessary for the production of hormones, hemoglobin, enzymes. 

What is the feature?

  • the content of amino acid hydrochloride is at least 99%;
  • 100% isomeric purity;
  • 100% digestibility of lysine;
  • compatible with all types of feed;
  • suitable for the production of premixes and animal feed.

What is the effect?

  • increases the volume and quality of products;
  • accelerates the growth and weight gain of animals for fattening and young animals;
  • increases adaptive and stress resistance;
  • improves egg production and egg quality;
  • Stimulates the digestibility of feed amino acids.

Package: 25 kg bag 

Shelf life: 3 years 

Manufacturer: China

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