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What is this?

2-aminoethanesulfonic acid for use in the production of feed and feed additives for animals.

Sulfonic acid, indispensable for cats and fish, essential for the health of the visual, auditory and reproductive systems of the body.

How does the product work?

  • participates in the development and work of cells of the retina
  • participates in the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems
  • participates in the formation of bile and its constituents
Product effect
  • improving the condition of the skin and coat
  • improvement of the digestive tract
  • improvement of visual acuity
  • improving reproductive function
  • strengthening immunity

The composition of the product

Taurine - not less than 98.5%, silicon dioxide - 0.5%.

Package: Bag 25 kg

Shelf life: 36 months in a light-protected, dry, cool and well-ventilated storage.

Manufacturer: Jilin Beisha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., China.

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