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Biopromis® Lutein 20

Biopromis® Lutein 20

What is it?

A stable source of natural yellow xanthophylls without ethoxyquine. The total content of carotenoids in Biopromis® Lutein 20 is 20 g/kg.  

Feed additive for the production of premixes and feed:

  • in order to enhance the pigmentation of egg yolks and broiler skin;
  • to maintain the visual system of dogs, to strengthen the immunity of dogs and cats.

What is the effect?

Biopromis® Lutein 20 used for coloring egg yolk and broiler carcasses.

Adding to the feed for laying hens significantly increases the content of carotenoids in the yolk and allows you to produce carotenoid-rich foods.

The supplement helps to maintain normal vision, prevents clouding of the lens, reduces retinal degeneration and improves the immunity of dogs and cats.

Product composition: extracts from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta), antioxidant tocopherol and carrier.

Recommended dosages:

broilers 0,5-2,0 kg/t of feed
laying hens 0,3-1,00 kg/t of feed
cats, dogs
250-2500 g/t of feed

Package: 25 kg aluminized bags.
Shelf life: 18 months.

Manufacturer: Shandong Tianyin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China.

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