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Biopromis Lutein 40

Biopromis Lutein 40

What is it?

A stable source of natural yellow xanthophylls (4%) without ethoxyquin, made from marigold flowers for pigmentation of egg yolk and broiler skin. 

How does it work?

• Colours egg yolk and broiler skin.
• Increases carotenoid content in the yolk. 

What is the feature?

• High content of natural carotenoids (4%).
• The lowest cost per ton of feed among yellow pigments.
• It is ideally combined with the synthetic red dye Capsantal CX, presented in the line of dyes of the leading European manufacturer of carotenoids, ITPSA. 

What is the effect?

• Bright and stable color of yolk and broiler skin.
• Enrichment of egg products with carotenoids.
• Visible economic benefit.
• Activity.
• The total content of carotenoids in «Biopromis Lutein 40» is 40 g/kg. 

Product composition: extracts from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta), antioxidant BHA и BHT, carrier.

Recommended dosages:

broilers 0.10-2.00 kg/MT of feed
laying hens 0.05-0.50 kg/MT of feed
turkeys 0.10-2.00 kg/MT of feed
waterfowl 0.10-2.00 kg/MT of feed

Package: 25 kg bag.

Expiration date: 18 months.

Manufacturer: Shandong Tianyin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China.

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