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Flavours and sweeteners help you to solve many problems with a feed for animals. Misma Company offers an effective modern flavour feed additive “AromaIngesta”, which allows you to make feed an attractive, even with an unpleasant odour and taste.

What is it?
Flavour feed additive with various odours in powder and liquid form.

How does it work?
• Gives feed an attractive odour;
• Hides the foul odour of some feed components;
• Stimulates feed intake by animals and increases weight gain;
• Reduces stress levels by increasing the attractiveness of feed;
• Reduces the cost of feed by replacing competitive products.

What is the feature?
• Fruity and milky vanilla flavour;
• Contains 10% aromatic concentrate;
• Reduces the cost of feed by replacing competitive products;
• Suitable for compound feed, premixes, concentrates.
AromaIngesta MLK AromaIngesta MLK Liquid
Milky-caramel sweet flavour Milk-vanilla flavour

Why AromaIngesta?

Features Result
Reasonable price Reduces the cost of feed and products
Easy to use Both liquid and powder forms can be added to all types of feed and milk replacer

Recommended dosage:
Cattle: 200-500 g/MT of feed/100-500 ml/MT of feed.

Package: 25 kg odorproof bags/ 25 kg canister.

Appearance: white free-flowing powder with homogeneous particles, partially soluble in water/colourless liquid with a high solubility in water.

Shelf life: 18 months, store in a dark, dry place. Open package must be tightly closed and stored in a cool and dry place to use it maximum.

Manufacturer: Ingesta S.L., Spain

Due to its technological form, the feed additive for animals AromaIngesta perfectly combines with compound feeds, premixes and concentrates. Scientifically selected flavours stimulate feed intake of animals. As a result, weight gain increases, the cost of diet and unit of production decreases. With a flavour feed additive AromaIngesta you can raise the profitability of your livestock enterprise to a new level!