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❯ Beta-Carotene


What is it? 

"Beta-Carotene 10% feed" is a source of bioavailable provitamin A, to compensate for its deficiency in farm animals, including poultry.

How does it work?

β-carotene 10% feed has a higher digestibility than its natural sources and performs various functions:
  • stimulates the activity of the immune system
  • improves animal fertility
  • protects cells from the negative effects of free radicals
  • increases the growth rate of young animals
  • partially replaces vitamin A in the diet of animals
Appearance: Loose powder, colors from red to brown

Composition: beta-carotene: 10% in a protective coating of starch, gelatin and sucrose, stabilized with antioxidants (tocopherol) up to 100%.

Thermal stability: does not lose activity after heat treatment of feed.

Solubility: partially soluble in water.

Recommended dosage

Poultry  50-100 g/t of feed
100-400 g/t of feed
Cattle  500-5000 mg/head/day

Package: boxes of 25 kg.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd., China.