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Unpleasant odors, toxic substances in the atmosphere and feed, mycotoxins and protozoal infections can cause deterioration in physical performance and a decrease in the productivity of farm animals and poultry. Modern solutions help to cope with this problem quickly and effectively. MISMA Company offers you a modern feed additive “Biopowder” – an extract of Yucca Shidigera, a natural highly concentrated source of bioactive saponins and polyphenols of flavonoid structure. 
The extract of the plant Yucca Shidigera, which is part of “Biopowder”, has a wide range of use and is deservedly popular throughout the world. The additive has a comprehensive positive effect on the body as a whole, and is also a wonderful sorbent of unpleasant odors.

What is it?
Powder of dried crushed medicinal plant Yucca Schidigera, “Biopowder” concentrate - a wide spectrum of action, used in medicine and animal breeding (used as a feed additive, and as a neutralizer of unpleasant odors of various nature). 
How does it work?
· Normalizes the digestion process;
· Cleanses the body (saponins bind to toxic particles and form safe compounds);
· Improves the absorption of nutrients and stabilizes metabolic processes;
· Destroys mycotoxins and pathogenic bacteria, prevents the occurrence of coccidiosis;
· Deodorizes various unpleasant odors of the body, excrement, etc. (the additive helps to regulate the concentration of ammonia in the gastrointestinal tract and blood of animals, and also reduces the concentration of toxic fumes in animals and poultry facilities, primarily ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, it is also used as a neutralizer for odors of excrement in toilets of dogs and cats);
· Increases adaptive and stress resistance of poultry, cattle, small cattle, pigs, cats, dogs and other animals.

What is the feature?
· All-natural composition with a high content of polyphenols and saponins;
· Biopowder does not contain GMOs;
· Effective natural feed additive with antiprotozoal, antifungal, antioxidant, coccidiostatic, antibacterial and antiviral effects; It reduces the level of rutting intestinal ammonia and the concentration of ammonia in blood plasma.
· The economic effect of “Biopowder” is also in improving the safety and productivity of the livestock, reducing the feed conversion ratio and increasing the volume and quality of livestock products.
What is the effect?
· Improvement of livestock (incidence decreases and consumption of medicines decreases);
· The appetite and feed intake increase, as a result, the average daily gain increases;
· Allows you to reduce the amount of crude protein in the diets of farm animals without loss of productivity.
Recommended dosage:

Poultry  100-120 g/ton of feed
Swine  100-120 g/ton of feed
Cattle 1-2 g/head/day
Petfood        100-120 g/MT

Package: 25 kg bag.

Shelf life: 24 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.
Manufacturer: Agroin, Mexico.