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BioPro 1000

BioPro 1000

What is it?

BioPro 1000 is a fermented soy protein obtained as a result of special yeast fermentation.

Soy contains a large number of anti-nutritional factors (ANF). Protease inhibitors form stable compounds with digestive enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract, which completely lose their catalytic activity. Because of this, there is a deterioration in the conversion of feed and there is a hypertrophy of the pancreas.

Lectins damage the intestinal villi and cause agglutination of red blood cells.

Allergen proteins (β-conglycinin and glycinin) are spare soy proteins that can trigger an immune response caused by food, and in fact causes inflammation and allergies, as a result of which the barrier function of the gastrointestinal tract decreases, energy costs increase, and the growth rate of animals decreases.

Oligosaccharides (raffinose, verbacose, stachyose)- carbohydrates that are not digested by animal organisms. They contribute to the formation and accumulation of gases in the gastrointestinal tract, causing "Flatulence", reduce feed intake and worsen the digestibility of protein.

Only fermentation allows inactivating all the main anti-nutritional factors of soy.

What is the advantage of the product?

BioPro 1000 is obtained using a special yeast fermentation. During the production process, a yeast prebiotic and nucleotides are added.

During fermentation, all the anti-nutritional factors of soy are inactivated, and the prebiotic and nucleotides have a positive effect on the immune system and perform an immunomodulatory effect.

Product advantages:

  • it is absorbed much better than the traditionally used soy processing products;
  • it stimulates the productivity of young animals due to the absence of glycine and β-conglycin;
  • it does not contain anti-nutritional factors;
  • it has a prebiotic effect due to the content of yeast fermentation products;
  • control of the amount of B vitamins in the composition;
  • high protein content-56%;
  • protein digestibility-min. 94%!
  • it does not contain GMO components.

Appearance: loose powder of light brown color with a characteristic smell and a pleasant sweet taste.

Composition: fermented soy concentrate-100 %.

Recommended dosage:

Piglest 5-15% of the feed
Fattening pigs, sows 1-5% of the feed
Broilers, turkeys 2-10% of the feed
Calves 1-10% of the feed
Aquaculture 1-10% of the feed

Package: Bags of 25 kg.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Manufacturer: BIOPROTEIN D.O.O. Obrenovac, Nemanjina b.b,. Serbia.

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