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❯ Biopromis® Mn

Biopromis® Mn

Biopromis® Mn is an organic source of manganese in the form of a chelate complex of copper with the amino acid glycine.  

Ferrum glycinate is biologically more accessible than inorganic forms and performs various functions:  

• provides high growth and development of livestock and poultry;
• activates the processes of blood formation and redox reaction;
• increases the overall resistance of the body;
• reduces the release of manganese into the environment;
• does not react with other components of the feed;
• improves the quality and quantity of the final product. 


• soluble in water;
• does not lose activity after heat treatment of the feed.

Composition: manganese glycinate - 90-100%, manganese content of 20-25%.

Appearance: gray-white color microgranular powder.

Recommended dosage:

Sows, boars-producers 100-400 g/MT of feed
Piglets, fattening pigs 200 g/ MT of feed
Dairy cattle 200-400 g/ MT of feed
Calves 100-150 g/ MT of feed
Layers, broilers 300-600 g/ MT of feed
Turkeys 450 g/ MT of feed
Aquaculture 100-400 g/ MT of feed

Package: 25 kg bag.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Manufacturer: Xingjia Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd., China.

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