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❯ Biopromis Selenium

Biopromis Selenium

High performance of farm animals and poultry requires the use of not only high-quality feed, but also effective vitamin and mineral additives. The feed additive “Biopromis Selenium” is an excellent source of bioavailable organic selenium. It is created for the enrichment of farm animals and poultry feeds.
Selenium protects the organisms from free radicals, creates conditions for the preservation of cells and tissues, and supports the normal course of metabolic processes in the body. It is present in some feeds, but in nature it is often not enough to maintain the immunity and reproductive functions of the body of cattle, small cattle, swine and poultry. “Biopromis Selenium” is environmentally friendly and is an inactivated selenium yeast. Their replacement of sodium selenite contributes to the normalization of selenium status of the livestock, reduces the feed conversion ratio, improves the immunity of animals, and has a positive effect on the reproductive functions and egg production of the poultry. 

What is it?

Biopromis Selenium” is the source of bioavailable organic selenium, an inactivated selenium-containing yeast (selenium in the composition of “Biopromis Selenium” is not less than 2000 mg/kg).

How does it work?

  • Feed (compound feed and premixes) enriched with inactivated “Biopromis Selenium” yeast strengthens the immunity of all types of farm animals - cattle, small cattle, swine and poultry.
  • Prevents degenerative changes in the liver, muscle and heart tissue.
  • At the cellular level, controls the integrity of the membranes.
  • Activates the synthesis of enzymes.
  • Participates in the regulation of hormones.

What is the feature?

  • Has an immunomodulating and powerful antioxidant effect.
  • Non toxic.
  • Economical.
  • The bioactive form, with high availability, promotes good penetration of selenium into the fetus, muscle tissue, milk, eggs, which ensures high rates of poultry and livestock production.
  • The feed additive does not contain genetically modified organisms and products.
  • There are no restrictions of eating the farm products if feed additive “Biopromis Selenium” is used (the feed additive has no side effects and does not cause complications for cattle, small cattle, swine and poultry, subject to the recommended dosages).

What is the effect?

  • Health improvement of farm animals.
  • Productive and reproductive characteristics are improved (fertility, vitality, hatchability of chickens, general physical condition, etc.).
  • The volume and quality of livestock products are increasing.
  • The addition of “Biopromis Selenium” to the diets of dairy and meat cows, instead of toxic sodium selenite, helps to reduce the number of somatic cells in milk, reduce the risk of metritis, mastitis and delay the afterbirth, and reproductive abilities improve.
  • For layers egg production increases, the quality of the eggshell and the freshness of the eggs is longer.
  • Meat quality improves for broilers, swine, and cattle.
  • With feed additive “Biopromis Selenium”, you get meat and eggs enriched with this trace element. 

You are welcome to buy a feed additive “Biopromis Selenium” and other specialized feed additives at Misma Company in any required volumes.

Recommended dosage:

 Broilers  25-100 g/MT of feed 
 Layers  25-100 g/ MT of feed 
 Turkeys  25-100 g/ MT of feed 
 Waterfowl  25-100 g/ MT of feed 
 Piglets  100 g/ MT of feed 
 Fattening pigs  100 g/ MT of feed 
 Sows  100 g/ MT of feed 
 Boars  100 g/ MT of feed 
 Petfood  100 g/MT of food

Package: 20 kg plastic bags.

Shelf life: 18 months, subject to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Production: Jiangsu Forhation Co., Ltd., China.