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Butirex С4

Feed quality and safety are the key requirements for animal feed and feed additives. Current international standards for food safety prohibit the use of antibiotics in animal feed. This is due to their accumulation properties in poultry and cattle animal products, which further poses a hazard for public health. Natural growth stimulants such as feed acidifiers, organic acids, and various bio-additives from plant extracts, with antibacterial and growth-promoting properties, have proved to be the safest and the most effective alternatives. Butyric acid, for example, is a well-known natural growth promoter used in broiler diets. It facilitates higher live weight of poultry at the end of the rearing period, improves nutrient digestibility, and also has a significant effect on promoting egg production in laying hens.

Feed additive Butirex C4 is one of the best sources for Butyric acid.

What is it?
Butirex C4 is a uniquely protected sodium butyrate with a min. activity of 54%.
How does it work?
Stimulates the growth and regeneration of intestinal villi. Increased villous length of up to 30%, results in increased area of nutrient absorption, and increased secretion of endogenous enzymes of up to 40%.  
Improves pancreatic enzyme secretion. Incorporation of volatile fatty acids, including the butyric acid, stimulates pancreatic juice and amylase secretion.
Fosters optimal microbial balance of intestinal microbiota by stimulating the growth of the beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli), and suppressing the pathogenic flora bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium spp).

Unique qualities
Innovative buffer salt protection allows the majority of the butyrate to stay in the small intestine (duodenum, small intestine, ileum), rather than being absorbed in the cecum and the colon, as is the case with the fat capsule protected butyrate.

  • Higher activity of the active ingredient (min. 54%), where alternative competitor products, which use the fat-capsule protected butyrate, generally have an activity of no more than 30%.
  • Lower activity-unit costs, when compared to competitor products, provided the fair dosage comparison*.
  • Higher thermal stability of up to 120°С, where the fat-capsule protected butyrate has a melting point for stearic fat of 60-65°С. Butirex C4 withstands all traditional thermal processing methods used in animal feed production.
  • Butirex C4 has an antibacterial effect without causing drug-resistance, unlike antibiotics.
What is the effect? 
The results of research and multiple practical experiments, as well as years of successful use of Butirex C4 across five continents, have showed (on average):
  • 5% increase in daily weight gain in broilers
  • 2% increase in feed intake
  • 2% reduction in feed conversion
  • 7% increase in egg production
  • 1% increase in livestock survival
  • Significant Enteritis Reduction
  • Reduction in use of medication
Recommended dosage: 
Piglets 2 – 5 kg/ton of feed
Fattening pigs 1 - 2 kg/ton of feed
Sows 2 - 3 kg/ton of feed
Cattle 2 - 4 kg/ton of feed  
Broilers 0,5 - 2 kg/ton of feed
Laying hens 0,5 - 1 kg/ton of feed
Breeders (poultry) 0,5- 1 kg/ton of feed
Turkey 0,5 - 2 kg/ton of feed
House pets 1 kg/ton of feed
Rabbits 2 - 4 kg/ton of feed

Package: 25 kg plastic bags 

Shelf life: 24 months, stored in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place 

Manufacturer: Novation2002 S.L., Spain