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Fortide S

Small peptides are a modern innovative replacement for expensive highly concentrated protein feeds. They help to successfully cope with the lack of absorption of proteins, increase vital signs and stimulate the appetite of farm animals and poultry. MISMA Company offers you a feed additive “Fortide S” - a source of di- and tripeptides, produced by enzymatic hydrolysis from protein of soybean grain.

The addition of small peptides to diets effectively satisfies the need for amino acids and improves the absorption of other nutrients that make up the feed, positively affecting the state of the animal’s body as a whole. Small peptides chelate copper, ferrum, manganese and zinc, increasing their digestibility by the body. “Fortide S” contributes to the growth of muscle tissue and strengthens adaptive abilities and resistance to diseases, ensuring the safety of the livestock.

Due to the special technological form and biological characteristics of small peptides, the feed additive “Fortide S” has a high degree of digestibility (up to 96%), improves digestion, restores the structure of the gastrointestinal tract, helps reduce cases of diarrhea, and significantly increases the weight gain in ruminants, swine and poultry. 

Proteins in the diet of cattle play an important role. The reduced intake of high-quality protein available in the body negatively affects vital indicators. To fill the deficiency and normalize the synthesis of biogenic protein in ruminants, oligopeptides (small peptides) help. A rich digestible source of these substances is “Fortide S”. 

What is it? 
Highly digestible source of small peptides from soy.

How does it work?
• Powerful antioxidant effect;
• Improving protein digestibility;
• Immunomodulator;
• Stimulation of animal appetite due to the high digestibility of feed components and the presence of attractants contained in small peptides;
• Chelation of macro- and microelements. 

What is the feature?
• Due to the special absorption mechanism, small peptides in the body are absorbed much faster than single amino acids;
• Improving digestion processes;
• Restructuration of the gastrointestinal tract;
• Reducing the incidence of diarrhea;
• Reduced incidence of extremities in poultry. 

What is the effect? 

Swine Cattle Poultry
Feed conversion reduction
Increase in the average daily gain of piglets: + 2 kg on the 70th day of growing
Increase slaughter output without changing the quality of the carcass
Increased lean meats, reduced abdominal fat
Weight gain for weaned piglets
Increase safety 
Increase milk production
Increased protein and fat in milk
Daily average calf gain
Increased feed intake
Reduced calf feed conversion 
Increase safety
The increase in average daily gain
Egg growth
Shell quality improvement
Feed conversion reduction 

 Recommended dosage:

Cattle 50 - 150 g/head/day
Calves 10 - 50 g/head/day
Swine 0,5 - 5% in compound feed
Poultry 0,3 - 2% in compound feed
 Petfood  1 - 2%

Package: 25 kg polypropylene/polyethylene bags.

Shelf life: 18 months, storage in a dark, dry place.
Manufacturer: Chengdu Mytech Biotech Co., Ltd., China.

“Fortide S” helps to improve the digestibility of feeds, activate metabolism, restore the digestive tract, and increases the endurance of young animals to stress loads and diseases. “Fortide S” - natural plant product! Use this feed additive on a regular basis to healthy improve animals and bring your company on the path to stable profit growth.