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Do you need high cattle productivity, a healthy livestock and a quality product? Do you want to optimize feed intake and increase its conversion? Then you need to pay attention to the digestion process. For the synthesis of bioavailable protein in the rumen, non-protein nitrogen is the most important. An excellent source of such nitrogen is the feed additive “Menogen”.

What is it?
A source of non-protein nitrogen, in a protective cover for ruminants. The minimum concentration of urea is 82% (nitrogen content - min. 38%).

How does it work?
· Activates and accelerates the synthesis of rumen microorganisms.
· Increases the volume of quality microbial protein.
· Improves carbohydrate metabolism and digestibility of dry feed.

 What is the feature?
· Prolonged intake for 12 hours! non-protein nitrogen in the rumen.
· Eliminates the risk of ammonia poisoning.
· Supports nitrogen-carbohydrate balance.
· Provides rumen digestion. 

What is the effect?
· Increases an average daily milk yields (including protein-fat characteristics).
· Improves feed conversion. 

Recommended dosage:

  Dairy cattle  50-150 g/day/head 
  Feeder cattle   50-200 g/day/head
  Sheeps  5-15 g/day/head

Package: 25 kg bag. 

Shelf life: 24 months, store in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Menon Animal Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd., China

Traditionally, urea is used to fill the nitrogen deficiency, but it affects the quality of feed and can cause ammonia poisoning. “Menogen” is free from these disadvantages! It is created using a unique technology; the urea in “Menogen” is isolated by a special cover and enters the animal’s body in controlled doses according to the need of rumen microflora. “Menogen” helps to save expensive high-protein feed, optimizes costs, and reduces unit costs. You are welcome to buy the “Menogen” in MISMA Company in any required quantities.

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