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Phytobiotic, a natural effective alternative to feed antibiotics, a powerful immunomodulator, a stimulator of growth and productivity of farm animals (poultry, swine, cattle), which reduces veterinary costs.
Menoherb is a unique complex of biologically active substances and plant extracts of 11 plants in a form protected from decay in the stomach.

How does it work?
• stimulates digestion, increases the digestibility of nutrients and the bioavailability of trace elements;
• has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect;
• minimizes the undesirable effects of oxidative stress. 

What is the feature?
• a natural alternative to feed antibiotics, in terms of effectiveness it is similar to the action of antibiotics, but without these disadvantages, on the contrary it has a positive effect on the health of the livestock;
• continuous efficiency, as does not cause resistance of pathogens;
• unique formula, resistant to decomposition in the rumen;
• the feed additive is thermostable, activity is not lost during granulation and expansion of the feed at temperatures up to 110 °C.

What is the effect? 

Swine Cattle Poultry
Increase feed intake by piglets
Feed conversion reduction
The growth of the average daily gain of piglets
Increase livestock safety
Decrease in consumption of medicines
Daily average gain
Reduce feed conversion
Increase feed intake
Increase milk production
Service period reduction
Decrease in consumption of medicines
Daily average broiler weight gain
Increase feed intake
Feed conversion reduction
Egg growth
Increase livestock safety
Significant Enteritis Reduction
Decrease in consumption of medicines

Recommended dosage: 
Swine 200-300 g/MT of feed
Fattening pigs, sows     150 g/ MT of feed
Poultry 150 g/ MT of feed
Cattle 150-200 g/ MT of feed or 5-10 g/head/day

Package: 20 kg bag.

Shelf life: 18 months, stored in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place. 

Manufacturer: Shanghai Menon Animal Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd., China.

Using MenoHerb, you will increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce costs and increase profitability!