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❯ Menosweet+


A unique thermostable combination of sweeteners with a pleasant sweet taste, excellent technological properties and solubility in water. 

Thanks to the optimal combination of various active components and unique production technologies:
• improves the palatability of the feed;
• hides the unpleasant taste of feed components;
• stimulates animal feed intake;
• improves weight gain and feed conversion;
• reduces the effects of stress during weaning, changing the diet;
• evenly distributed in the feed. 

Menosweet+ is developed based on practical studies of the preferences of animals (swine, cattle) on experimental farms of the manufacturer.
The most of competitive products are produced by mechanical mixing of the components but the Menosweet+ production process is used the aerosol drying method, due to which an unrivaled particle homogeneity is achieved.

Ingredients: sodium cyclamate (30-40%), sodium saccharin (35-40%) in combination with other sweeteners.

Recommended dosage:   

Calves  150-200 g/MT of feed or milk replacer  
Fattening pigs, piglets, sows  50-150 g/MT of feed

Package: 20 kg bag.

Shelf life: 24 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Manufacturer: Shanghai Menon Animal Nutrition, China.