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Misma Phyt

Misma Phyt

Feed and the process of its absorption are priority topics in solving problems of increasing the volume and quality of products in modern poultry enterprises. For the most complete assimilation of macro and trace elements from feed, it is necessary to use enzyme-containing preparations. MISMA Company offers you a progressive feed additive for poultry “Misma Phyt” with enzymatic activity of phytase 10,000 FTU! 

Phytase is the main active component of the thermostable bioactive feed additive “Misma Phyt”. Phytase does not synthesize in animals and poultry, but plays an important role in the assimilation of nutrients associated with phytic acid. Phosphorus, as well as calcium, magnesium, copper, protein and other substances are necessary for normal life. Thanks to the bioactive phytase in “Misma Phyt”, the digestibility of plant feed is improved, live weight gain is accelerated, and egg production is increased. 

The regular use of “Misma Phyt” for poultry allows you to reduce the cost per unit of production due to the economical consumption of feed and a more complete disclosure of its nutritional potential.

What is it?

The phytase with an activity of 10,000 FTU (under its own brand) was the first feed additive registered in Russia by Misma Company. The leaders - Russian company “Misma” and the world-famous company Strowin reached an agreement on the exclusive production of enzymes for the Russian market in China: thermostable phytase “Misma Phyt” and liquid phytase “Misma Phyt Liquid”.

How does it work?

  • Increases the availability of phosphorus from plant-based feed ingredients.
  • Breaks down phytate complexes: improves the availability of phosphorus for the animal and poultry.
  • Helps improve the digestibility of calcium, magnesium, trace elements, crude protein and amino acids.
  • Increases nutritional value of feed.
  • Guaranteed enzymatic activity and high quality from a leading Chinese phytase supplier.
  • High thermal stability and does not lose activity when granulating and expanding feed.
What is the effect?

3-4% increase in egg mass
Egg production growth
Increase in the average daily gain of broilers
Reducing the percentage of dirty eggs
Improving egg quality
The increase in average daily gain
Feed conversion reduction 

Recommended dosage: 

Swine 30-50 g/MT of feed
Poultry  30-50 g/MT of feed

Package: 25 kg bag

Shelf life: 24 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Manufacturer: Beijing Strowin Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd., China.

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