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❯ Feed additive

Misma Zym M

Feed additive containing thermostable β-mannanase. 

How does it work? 

  • breaks down mannan polysaccharides, thereby reducing the viscosity of chyme, increases the energy nutrition of the feed by 50-100 kcal / kg;
  • helps to reduce the viscosity of the chyme, preventing the development of pathogenic microflora in the intestine, increases the absorption of crude protein, micro and macro elements, vitamins;
  • the effectiveness of the feed additive is due to the β-mannanase enzyme included in its composition (mannanase is an enzyme that destroys mannan polysaccharides, which are components of plant cell walls);
  • increases the overall resistance of the animal organism due to the breakdown of β-mannans, which are accepted by the immune system as pathogens.

What is the feature?

  • differs in high thermal stability and does not lose activity when granulating and expanding feed to 85 °C;
  • guaranteed activity - 3000 U/g;
  • the activity of alkaline and neutral β-mannanase is 1200 u/g;
  • the activity of acid β-mannanase is not less than 1800 u/g.

What is the effect?

  • significantly reduces feed costs per unit of product.
  • increases the energy nutritional value of feed by 50-100 kcal / kg.

Recommended dosage:
 Swine  250-500 g/ton feed
 Poultry  200-400 g/ton feed

Package: 25 kg bag.

Shelf life: 18 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place

Manufacturer: Beijing Strowin, China.