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Misma Zym P

Misma Zym P

Feed additive containing thermostable protease.  

How does it work?

• Increases the digestibility of protein due to the hydrolysis of storage and structural proteins, and also breaks down the bonds of proteins with starch and fiber in the diet.
• Retains activity in an acidic environment, where most of the feed proteins are broken down under the action of gastric enzymes and the inclusion of an acidic protease in the diet significantly increases the amount of soluble protein available for intestinal enzymes.
• Destroys the anti-nutritional components of plant foods (trypsin inhibitors, lectins) and increases the proportion of soluble protein in both acidic and alkaline and neutral environments.

What is the feature?

• It is characterized by high thermal stability and does not lose activity when granulating and expanding feed to 85 °C.
• Increases protein digestibility by 5-10%.
• Guaranteed activity - 15000 U / g.
• Alkaline and neutral protease activity 12000 u / g.
• Acid protease activity - not less than 3000 units / g.

What is the effect?

• Helps to improve the digestibility of proteins for better absorption.
• Significantly reduces feed costs per unit of output.

Recommended dosage:

Swine 300-500 g /MT of feed
Poultry 150-500 g /MT of feed

Package: 25 kg bag.

Shelf life:  24 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Manufacturer: Beijing Strowin, China.

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