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Nova ML

Nova ML

Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are now widely used because of their positive effects on the health and productivity of farm animals and poultry. According to scientific studies, the alpha-monoglycerides of these fatty acids (especially the alpha-monoglyceride of lauric acid = alpha-monolaurin) possess a 27-fold higher antibacterial activity and have an antiviral effect. Alpha-monolaurin has a mechanism of action similar to lysozyme: it is able to penetrate the bacterial cell wall, thereby violating the integrity of the cell, which leads to its destruction.
What is it?
«Nova ML» is an alpha-monoglyceride of lauric acid, active against gram-positive bacteria and lipid-coated viruses.

What is the feature?

  • active in all parts of the GI tract, regardless of pH;
  • distributed in active form throughout the GI tract, bloodstream and organs;
  • much greater activity compared to antibiotics;
  • thermal stability 160 ⁰С;
  • non-corrosive;
  • not volatile;
  • highest alpha-monolaurin content and release.
What is the effect?

Poultry Swine Calves
Reduces feed conversion
Increases hatchability and flock livability
Ensures stock uniformity
Increases productivity
Increases the shelf life of meat
Prevents of intestinal and respiratory infections: infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, necrotic enteritis, etc.
Improves fertility and shortening the service period of sows
Increases livestock productivity and livability
Ensures stock uniformity
Increases the shelf life of meat
Prevents of intestinal and respiratory infections: porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, influenza, scour, etc.
Increases growth
Increases livability
Improves feed conversion
Prevents intestinal and respiratory infections: streptococcosis, coronavirus infection, parainfluenza, etc.

Recommended dosage: 

Calves     0,3-2 kg/MT
Sows 0,3-2 kg/MT
Fattening pigs 0,3-1 kg/MT
Piglets prestarter 0,3-3 kg/MT
Piglets starter 0,3-2 kg/MT
Poultry 0,3-2 kg/MT

Package: 20 kg bag.
Shelf life: 24 months.

Manufacturer: Germany.

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