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❯ Oxicap ETQ

Oxicap ETQ

Oxicap ETQ is a feed additive belongs to the category of additives intended for preservation of feed mixtures for storage. It also helps to improve their absorption in the animal body.
The additive is based on the synthetic antioxidant ethoxyquin (67%), which prevents the oxidation of fats and neutralizes toxic substances formed during storage. The synergistic active ingredients that are part of the feed additive (citric acid, etc.) protect the antioxidant from decomposition and make prolonged action. The regular addition of Oxicap ETQ to the feed stabilizes the fat content in the feed and also facilitates the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, which has a positive effect on improving the quality and shelf life of meat products. 

What is it?
Oxicap ETQ is a broad-spectrum antioxidant for use in premixes, compound feeds and feed raw materials, containing a high dosage of ethoxyquin as an active ingredient.
Composition: ethoxyquin 65-69%, carrier up to 100%.

How does it work?
• Oxicap ETQ contains the component ethoxyquin, a substance close to vitamin E - a biological antioxidant - that protects many substances from oxidation.
• Stabilizes vitamins A and D in feeds, carotenoids, vegetable and animal fats due to the biological properties of the feed additive.

What is the feature?
• Oxicap ETQ is a powerful stabilizer that contains the active ingredient ethoxyquin 67%.
• Protects Vitamin E, improves TBA in muscles and peroxin levels are much better than other antioxidants.
• Helps to improve the absorption of Vitamin E, which significantly increases the quality and shelf life of the resulting meat. 

What is the effect?
• Increases digestibility of feed.
• Helps stabilize fat-soluble vitamins.
• Provides high growth and development of agricultural animals and poultry.
• Increases the shelf life of feed raw materials. 

Recommended dosage:

  • compound feed: 100-225 g/MT (the maximum dosage for the production of dog food is 150 g/MT of feed);
  • meat and bone meal and other components of animal origin: 225-1500 g/MT. 

Package: 25 kg aluminized polypropylene bag. 

Shelf life: 24 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Manufacturer: Industrial Tecnica Pecuaria S.A., Spain.