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❯ Oxicap PF

Oxicap PF

What is it? 

A highly concentrated broad-spectrum antioxidant containing synergistic active components for use in premixes, feed and feed raw materials.

How does it work?

The complex mechanism of action makes it possible to prevent the appearance of free radicals formed in feed during oxidation, to deactivate the ions of some trace elements (iron, copper), which are catalysts for a number of oxidative reactions, converting them into chelate complexes.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients and the complex mechanism of action, Oxicap PF effectively protects fats, fat-soluble vitamins and other raw materials in feed, feed raw materials and premixes from oxidation.

Oxicap PF does not contain ethoxyquin and is allowed for use in pet food.

Appearance: Loose powder from beige to brown color.

Composition: antioxidants (BHA + BHT), synergistic compounds (citric acid), carrier.

Solubility: it is soluble in water and fats.

Recommended dosage:
cattle 125-500 g/t of feed
 pigs 125-500 g/t of feed
125-500 g/t of feed
 aquaculture 125-500 g/t of feed
 petfood 100-2000 g/t of feed

Package: bags made of aluminized polypropylene of 25 kg.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Manufacturer: Industrial Tecnica Pecuaria S. A., Spain.