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Oxicap PF liquid

Oxicap PF liquid

The issue of extension the shelf life of flavoring and nutritional components in various types of organic feed for farm animal enterprises is one of the most important. The scientists has found effective solutions - antioxidants, they do not allow feed to deteriorate, extend its shelf life. MISMA Company offers you the feed additive “Oxicap PF liquid” - a powerful complex of safe antioxidants in technological liquid form. 

The action of the active components of “Oxicap PF liquid” is aimed at blocking oxidative reactions. Antioxidants (BHA + BHT), reinforced with synergistic elements, protect fats, fat-soluble vitamins and other valuable raw material components of feed from decomposition due to exposure to sunlight and oxygen, as well as other adverse environmental factors. 

The benefits of the feed additive “Oxicap PF liquid” for animals are in the ability to protect costly premixes and compound feeds from spoilage, as well as in the complex positive effect on the health and safety of cattle, small cattle, swine and poultry. Antioxidants, together with other bioactive substances, stimulate metabolic and energy processes, increase the adaptive and immune capabilities of the body.

What is it?
Liquid highly concentrated antioxidant enhanced with synergistic elements, with an extended spectrum of action – “Oxicap PF liquid” in the form of a golden oily liquid.
Composition: antioxidants (BHA + BHT) - 20%, carrier up to 100%.

How does it work?
•    Improves the safety of feed;
•    Antioxidants feed additives neutralize free radicals, protecting fats and other nutrients in feeds and premixes from oxidation and rancidity.

What is the feature?
•    Does not contain ethoxyquin (“Oxicap PF liquid” is allowed for addition in pet food);
•    High concentration of active ingredients;
•    Feed additive in a technologically advanced liquid oily form;
•    Does not contain pesticides and genetically engineered organisms and products;
•   The use of “Oxicap PF liquid” is safety, farm animals products can be eaten without restrictions (the feed additive has no negative effects and does not cause complications for cattle, small cattle, swine and poultry if it use according to the recommended dosages);
•   Available packaged in bottles, cans, barrels or containers.

What is the effect?
•   Shelf life and feed quality are increasing;
•   Improving the absorption of fat-containing vitamins;
•  Thanks to the bioactive components of the feed additive “Oxicap PF liquid”, the physical condition and productivity of cattle, small cattle, pigs and poultry are also increased.

Recommended dosage: 125-500 g/MT of feed.

Package: 20 kg plastic cans.

Shelf life: 24 months, storage in a dark, dry, cool, well-ventilated place.

Manufacturer: Industrial Tecnica Pecuaria S.A., Spain.

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