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Anticoccidia #mismacompany

Anticoccidia #mismacompany

Coccidiosis is one of the most dangerous and, unfortunately, common diseases that appear in agricultural enterprises and poultry farms. The disease, which occurs even in a subclinical form, causes huge economic damage to agricultural business.

Traditional treatment with coccidiostatics leads to the development of resistance mechanisms in animals, which subsequently not only significantly reduces the effectiveness of veterinary drugs, but also indirectly affects the safety of a person consuming poultry and livestock products. Annually increasing requirements for the safety of agribusiness products require scientists and veterinarians to find new solutions for the prevention and treatment of farm animals and poultry.

Misma has developed a special program for the replacement of coccidiostatics in the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis. The Stopcoccidiosis program is focused on maintaining the productivity of animals and increasing the immunity of each organism. The proposed solutions are focused on maintaining the economic stability of enterprises and preserving high-quality and safe products without increasing the cost of the production cycle.

Read more about the Program in the article Stopcoccidiosis. For advice and individual calculation, please contact the specialists of Misma by phone or email address specified in the Contacts section.

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