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Capsantals - Biopromis Lutein

Capsantals - Biopromis Lutein

Developments in the field of feed ingredients for solving various tasks in animal husbandry offer consumers new technological solutions. The state rules for regulating the domestic market of agricultural goods also make their own adjustments. Recent changes in the lists of suppliers of the agricultural industry in the Russian Federation require the leaders of feed additives to look for alternative solutions both in the field of production and in the field of schemes and recipes for finished products.

As part of the substitution of products, we offer a feed additive - Biopromis ® Lutein with different concentrations of carotenoids 2 and 4%. This component for the production of premixes and feeds is made from marigold petals, is a source of natural yellow xanthophylls and is intended for pigmentation of poultry products, strengthening the immunity of dogs and cats and maintaining the visual system of dogs.

Biopromis ® Lutein is a full-fledged alternative to the feed additive of carotenoids - Capsanthal, which is prohibited for import into Russia, while it differs favorably in that there is no ethoxyquine in the composition.

Enterprises that previously used Capsantal in their diets can replace it with similar products from other manufacturers. For example, natural carotenoids Biopromis ® Lutein 20 and Biopromis Lutein 40 - it is more cost-effective to use them than to achieve the same pigmentation by feeding corn or gluten in high dosages.

Biopromis ® product line Lutein provides maximum safety when used due to the absence of ethoxyquine in the composition, and the optimal concentration of feed additives allows them to be used with various mixing technologies.

To order a Biopromis ® feed additive Lutein 20 and Lutein 40 contact the sales department of Misma company by phone and mail specified on the Contacts page.

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