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Feed optimization #mismacompany

Feed optimization #mismacompany

Optimizing rations is of concern to everyone today. The cost of grain, protein components, imported raw materials for feed in 2021 increased significantly, which led to an increase in production costs by 15-20%. Meat and poultry rose in price by an average of 2.73%. But it is more and more difficult for producers to keep selling prices.

China-based feed additives have risen in price due to logistics difficulties. Leading suppliers in the EU and USA are closed for export.

Each manufacturer is now striving to reduce the cost of rations in various ways. Feed additives that increase the digestibility of energy, amino acids and minerals are becoming the most relevant, since there is a direct relationship between increasing the digestibility of the diet and the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

"Forced" optimization of the diet consists in the influence of the feed additive on the cost of food, i.e. reflection of its value and utility, expressed in monetary terms (simply in money).

MISMA specialists have developed a program aimed at helping agricultural enterprises to reduce costs while maintaining the nutritional level of the rations of farm animals and poultry. The program allows you individually to approach the solution of the problem optimization at each enterprise and draw up a recipe taking into account the existing conditions.

To draw up a ration optimization program for your company, please contact our employees.

An individually designed program will help to maintain or increase the efficiency of the business, prevent a reduction in production, keeping the cost of feed at the same or lower level.

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