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Cattle seminar in Krasnoyarsk

Cattle seminar in Krasnoyarsk

In the first days of spring, a two-day seminar "Modern experience of feeding and rearing cattle" was held in Krasnoyarsk, organized by Misma together with Koudijs MKorma.

The event was attended by representatives of livestock complexes, large farms in Siberia and the Ural region.

The seminar offered solutions for the management of enterprises, feeding and keeping animals, optimizing diets.

Vladislav Reshetnyak, head of the livestock project, spoke on behalf of Misma. He offered the participants the "Antibiotic Free" program, developed by the company's technical department and aimed at helping Russian livestock breeders adjust their diets in the light of the adopted law banning the use of antibacterial drugs in feed.

The seminar participants were also presented with a program to reduce the cost of using protein in feed and the MismaProtect Program based on the use of protected feed additives in cattle diets.

The participants of the meeting discussed the problems of the industry, shared their experience and recommendations with colleagues, taking into account regional peculiarities. In their free time, an informal recreation program was organized for the guests of the seminar.

We would like to thank our partners, Koudijs MKorma, for their professional approach and cooperation in organizing the event.


Photo of the seminar

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