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Misma at the seminar of experts of feed solutions

Misma at the seminar of experts of feed solutions

On September 21, 2021, Misma took part in a seminar organized by our partner Agrocorm-Baltia in Kaliningrad. The seminar was devoted to modern approaches to pig feeding.

Misma technical specialists actively work with partners, providing comprehensive support to both large distribution companies and their partners – livestock farms and enterprises. Misma offers innovative, proven solutions based on deep knowledge of the peculiarities of raising farm animals. A great contribution is made by the own developments and research of the technical department of Misma in the field of application of feed additives for solving various tasks of livestock breeders.

In its report at the seminar, Misma presented feed additives for pig breeding, focused on increasing the profitability of production and maintaining animal health.

Soy-based feed is widely used in pig farms due to the high content of protein, essential amino acids and vitamins. But soy contains a large number of anti-nutritional factors that reduce the productivity of animals. The only full-fledged way to neutralize the side effects of soy feeding is to use fermentation. In the new feed additive BioPro 1000, presented by Misma, the basis is soy subjected to microbiological yeast fermentation. Thanks to this solution, protein digestibility increases, anti-nutritional factors are eliminated and animals receive an additional source of prebiotics and nucleotides.

The second novelty from the Misma company was Menolipid-a complex feed emulsifier that contains only food emulsifiers and an optimal hydrophilic-lipophilic balance of 12.3 units. The key advantage of Menolipid is the reduction of feed costs by improving the absorption of fats in the feed.

Recently, one of the actively developing areas has been research on the replacement of feed antibiotics and coccidiostatics with herbal preparations. The product of the company Misma, Menoherb, is a feed phytobiotic of a wide spectrum of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. It has all the effective properties required from a feed additive: it is thermally stable, active against bacteria, has a prolonged effect. The competitive advantage of Menoherb is a special protective capsule that reliably protects the highest concentration of phytoncides in the composition (over 23%).

The presentation of Misma representatives at the seminar was supported by great interest among the participants and aroused the interest of representatives of pig farms in the Kaliningrad region.

Detailed information about new products can be obtained at the office or on the website of Misma.

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