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Misma's report to the IIA

On March 12-13, the International Industrial Academy organized a specialized seminar on "New Generation Feed Additives and Premixes: Effective Use in Animal Husbandry and Poultry Farming. Import Substitution Projects" for managers and specialists from feed industry enterprises.

Candidate of Biological Sciences Mikhail Zhuravlev, the lead product manager of MISMA, was one of the invited speakers at the event. In his presentation on the topic of "Enzymes: How to Make the Right Choice", he discussed what to consider when selecting feed enzymes, including the main mistakes and misconceptions associated with their use. He also discussed approaches to combining the matrix values of different enzymes in diets, using the Misma Zym line as an example.

The Misma series of feed enzymes includes mono enzyme products and multienzyme complexes, which are essential components of the feed formula for all types of farm animals and birds. The MISMA enzyme line offers a wide variety of activities that help you solve a range of production challenges. The line includes phytases, xylanases, glucanases, mannanases, proteases and amylases.

Mikhail also discussed the topic of localization of production, a project that MISMA has been successfully implementing since 2021. The first enzyme product localized by MISMA on the territory of the Russian Federation is the multienzyme complex Misma Zym Combi. This is a custom-developed combination of feed enzymes that takes into account the specific needs of enterprises.

We would like to express our gratitude to the International Industrial Academy for their invitation to participate and for maintaining the tradition of communication and exchange of experiences among industry professionals.

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