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Insects as a source of protein for animals

Insects as a source of protein for animals

The article "Insects as a potential source of protein for animals: the current state of the industry" was published in the journal " Tsenovik " No. 12-21, the material for which was the long-term experience of Misma in the use of insects in animal feed.

The article touches on the current topic of the feed insect market, the differences in the possibilities of obtaining feed protein on an industrial scale in Russia and in the world, and the prospects for the development of this direction in the coming decades.

According to expert estimates, the increase in the use of insects as a source of protein for agricultural and domestic animals by 2030 will amount to 5000%! Therefore, we should expect an increase in demand and a reduction in the cost of protein production from fly larvae.

The article presents the data of an industrial experiment using insect flour on an experimental group of broilers at one of the poultry farms in Russia. The results of control observations confirmed the safety and economic feasibility of using protein concentrate in the composition of feed for broilers. Increasing productivity indicators at all stages of cultivation, maintaining safety and increasing the growth rate of live weight gain allow us to consider insect protein as an alternative source of protein in the feeds of productive and unproductive animals.

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