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Help with heat stress

Help with heat stress

In the hot summer months, and in some regions of the country even in spring, the problem of heat stress in animals is relevant. In addition to seasonal climatic conditions, the cause of overheating can be a dense degree of planting of animals and insufficient ventilation of the premises. Feed additives will help reduce the effects of exposure to high temperatures on the body.

Misma's technical department has developed a program to help breeders deal with the effects of heat stress on productive animals. The program included feed additives, the properties of which eliminate changes from overheating in the cells of the body, reduce the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and restore the water-salt balance. The use of a complex of products in the diets of farm animals will help preserve the vital activity of the body, reduce the negative impact of heat stress and maintain productivity at the same level.

Feed additives included in the program to combat the effects of heat stress in farm animals:

To draw up an individual recipe for feeding animals during the hot season, contact the specialists of the Misma company using the methods indicated on the Contacts page.

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