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Protein platform for cattle

Protein platform for cattle

On October 15, 2021, Misma held a seminar organized by our partner Agrokorm-Baltia in Kaliningrad. The seminar was devoted to modern approaches to cattle feeding.

In our report "Protein Platform" we presented feed additives for cattle, focused on increasing the profitability of production and maintaining animal health.

Currently, the issue of reducing the cost of protein in the diet is acute.

Soy-based feeds are widely used due to the high content of protein, essential amino acids and vitamins. but soy is also a fairly expensive source of protein. Due to the fact that the rumen is a unique organ densely populated with microorganisms, ruminants have the ability to transform cheap non-protein nitrogen sources into protein with high biological value. Using this function of the body, you can significantly reduce the cost of the diet.

The source of such nitrogen is a feed additive for ruminants Menogen in a protected shell, 150 g of which can replace up to 1 kg of soybean meal.

Essential amino acids in the diet are necessary not only for the normal functioning of the animal's body, but also to prevent protein overfeed. The lack of the amino acid methionine will help eliminate the feed additive MenoMet - protected thermostable feed methionine.

The feed additive MismaSorb Ultra, a complex of adsorbents of mineral and organic origin, is intended for the removal of mycotoxins. MismaSorb Ultra also has a hepatoprotective effect due to the betaine included in the composition, and the prebiotic inulin stimulates the growth of the intestinal normoflora.

Our technical specialists are actively working with partners, providing them with comprehensive support. Misma offers innovative, tested solutions based on in-depth knowledge of the peculiarities of farming animals.

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