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Solving the problem of mycotoxicosis in broilers

Solving the problem of mycotoxicosis in broilers

Experience with the use of phytobiotic Biopromis Phyto AV3

Biopromis Phyto AV3 is a complex of terpenes and flavonoids isolated from extracts of Silybum marianum, ginkgo biloba and Filipendula ulmaria. These are the strongest cellular antioxidants that have a hepetoprotective effect.

In experiments previously published on the site, the results of the positive effect of the Phyto AB3 feed additive on oxidative processes in broiler feed were presented and the inclusion of the internal antioxidant defense of the body on the example of the GSH / GSSG ratio in duck liver.

Another experiment confirming the effectiveness of the use of the phytobiotic Biopromis Phyto AV3 was conducted at the University of Ankara, Turkey in 2021. This study was aimed at studying the effect of herbal supplements on zootechnical indicators and the degree of exposure of mycotoxins to the liver. Assessment of liver damage was performed by measuring macroscopic fat (hepatic steatosis) and the number of hemorrhages in the liver.

Initial data

Duration: 21 days

Animals and groups: 135 Ross 308 broilers divided into 3 groups of 45 individuals:

  1. Positive control (PC) - basic diet (BD) without contamination with mycotoxins
  2. Negative control (NC) - BD + contamination 0.3 g/t AFB1; 0.3 g/t DON; 0.3 g/t ZEN

  3. Experiment (NC + AB3) - BD + 100 g/t Phyto AV3 + contamination 0.3 g/t AFB1; 0.3 g/t DON; 0.3 g/t ZEN

Table 1. Diet

Diet %
Corn 54,66
Soybean meal 37
Soybean oil 3,7
Dicalcium phosphate 2,5
Limestone 0,63
DL- Methionine 0,36
L- Lysine Sulfate 0,35
L- Threonine 0,1
Sodium Bicarbonate 0,2
Premix 0,2
Salt 0,25
Coccidiostatic 0,05
AME, kcal/kg 3041
Crude protein, % 22,1
Crude fiber, % 2,92
Crude fat, % 5,84
Raw ash, % 6,17
Lysine, dig., % 1,31
Ca, % 0,96
P avaliable, % 0,49


Experience has shown that Biopromis Phyto AV3 supplement prevents the negative impact of mycotoxins (DON, zearalenone, aflatoxin) on zootechnical indicators. The values ​​are given in Table 2.

Table 2. Zootechnical indicators when introduced into the diet Biopromis Phyto AV3

Parameters PC NC NC+AV3
Live Weight for 3 days, g 91,60 91,67 91,78
Live Weight for 14 days, g 460a 439b 449b
Live Weight for 21 days, g 960a 913b 940a
Body weight gain from 3-21 days, g +868a +821b +848a
Feed Intake from 3-21 days, g 1 031a 987b 1 009a,b
F:G 3-21 days 1,19 1,20 1,19

When exposed to mycotoxins, Biopromis Phyto AV3 exhibits its hepatoprotective effect. The results of the use of the phytosupplement are shown in Table 3.

Table 3 Assessment of liver injury

Groups Assessment of liver lesions
Norm Easy defeat Average defeat Strong defeat
PC 7 (87,5%) 1 (12,5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%)
NC 4 (50%) 1 (12,5%) 1 (12,5%) 2 (25%)
NC+ АV3 1 (87,5%) 1 (12,5%) 0 (0%) 0 (0%)



Biopromis Phyto AB3 improves absolute growth rates, even when contaminated with mycotoxins (AFB1, DON, ZEN). In the experimental group, the absolute increase was 848 g, which is 27 g more than in the negative control (BD + contamination 0.3 g/t AFB1; 0.3 g/t DON; 0.3 g/t ZEN), where the feed additive was not added.

Liver lesions were within the normal range in the experimental group, which indicates the hepatoprotective effect of the feed additive Biopromis Fito AV3.

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