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Seminar on the topic “Cattle” in Minsk

Seminar on the topic “Cattle” in Minsk

On March 13-16 in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) MISMA together with NovaKorm held a travelling seminar "Modern Efficient Animal Husbandry". The participants of the event were specialists from Russian and Belarusian dairy cattle breeding enterprises.

The business program of the seminar specified a number of topical issues of organization and efficient operation of dairy production enterprises. Issues of flock productivity, reduction of feeding costs, new approaches to enterprise management were covered.

MISMA introduced a feed program to address glucose deficiency in ruminants in order to prevent ketosis and increase milk production during the transition period. The key feed solution is the use of Menoglu feed additive, a source of glucose protected from destruction in the rumen.

In support of the trend of replacement of feed antibiotics, Vladislav Reshetnyak, head of the livestock project in MISMA company, presented a program for rearing young animals without antibiotics. The program offers recommendations for preparing diets using MenoHerb phytoncide, organic butyric acid BUTYLIN 54, immunostimulant and adsorbent Immunosan, as well as introducing high-quality protein Biopromis Soya 55 into the diet.

To increase the profitability of production, MISMA has developed a protein platform for cattle feed program, which takes into account the peculiarities of the digestion of ruminants. Feed additives introduced into the diet of cows can reduce the cost of protein sources. During the seminar, an expanded version of the program was presented, in which, in addition to Menogen and MenoMet products, protected Methionine and Biopromis Soy 55 were included.

The participants showed professional interest and noted the practical benefits of participating in the event. Breaks between speeches were held in lively discussions on the topics raised by the speakers.

As part of the exchange of experience, the head of the Belarusian company Misma Bel - Igor Grygoriev spoke to the participants and spoke about today's realities, prospects and trends in animal husbandry of the union state. On the second day of the seminar, a trip was organized to one of the best enterprises in the region, SPK "Rachkovichi" with a visit to the livestock complex.

In addition to the business program, according to tradition, a cultural one was also prepared.

We thank all the guests of the seminar for their active participation, as well as partners NovaKorm and Misma Bel for their help in organizing the event.

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