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Seminar on swine and cattle breeding in Minsk 2023

Seminar on swine and cattle breeding in Minsk 2023

On March 27-30 MISMA organized and conducted together with Agroakademia LLC a travelling seminar for livestock breeders "Modern approaches to optimizing the cost of diets and increasing productivity."

The working program of the seminar covered two topics - swine breeding and cattle, which were held simultaneously at two sites. Representatives of feed and mixed feed enterprises of Russia were invited to the event. The reports of the speakers touched upon the topics of the impact of feed additives on the productivity of animals, maintaining health and reproduction, and increasing the profitability of enterprises.

In the reports of the Swine Breeding section the solutions were proposed to reduce the impact of stress factors on animals, ways to increase the digestibility of diets, and recommendations for choosing enzymes for production. A separate report by Ph.D, Biology - Mikhail Zhuravlev, specialist of the technical department of MISMA, was devoted to the peculiarities of the use of butyrates in swine feeding.

Presentations in the cattle section touched upon modern solutions in rearing young animals, ways to reduce the cost of protein in feeding, as well as the practice of increasing the productivity of dairy cows when using protected glucose in the diet - Menoglu feed additive.

With great interest, the participants of both sites listened to the speeches of the director of MISMA - Bel, Igor Grigoryev, with reviews of the swine and dairy industries of Belarusian agriculture.

The materials presented at the seminar reflect the current trends in the feed industry, their importance was confirmed by active discussions between sessions.

After a rich and good working program, excursions around Minsk and historical sights of the region were organized for the guests of the seminar.

We would like to thank all the participants for their activity and interest, as well as colleagues from the MISMA - Bel company and partners in the Agroacademia for their help in organizing the event.


Photo report of the event

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