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Seminar in China 2024

On April 08-13, an international seminar "Chinese productivity improvement practices" for MISMA partners in pig and cattle breeding, was held in Shanghai, China. 

We organized this event in order to introduce our Russian colleagues to new experimental data on the use of feed additives, the latest developments and advanced production technologies from the manufacturer - a leader in the feed industry. We also wanted to show them the entire process from recipe development to the shipment of finished products presented in our product line.

The working program of the seminar included reports and presentations by MISMA experts, as well as discussions with representatives from the Chinese feed industry. We discussed with colleagues the trends in the raw materials market, and talked about the challenges and opportunities of working in current conditions. Colleagues from China shared information about the pig farming industry in their country, presented data on production volumes, consumption, and exports of products. During the conversation, the differences in feeding practices at Russian and Chinese pig farms, as well as the use of different types of feed additives, were discussed. 

During the seminar, we invited our partners to visit the most modern plant in China, the leader in the production of protected amino acids, flavours, acidifiers and other feed additives – the MENON plant, whose products are supplied to more than 20 countries around the world. Being our reliable supplier for more than 10 years, the MENON company allowed the Russian delegation to visit its production workshops and research laboratory. Representatives of the company discussed the innovative technologies they have implemented at their facility, as well as shared their expertise in the field of feed additive development. Our partners got acquainted with the entire production process of such products as MenoMet, Menogen, Menonic 50 and others. They walked through the fully automated workshops, from the acceptance of raw materials to the shipment of finished products, saw in practice some of the most high-tech equipment, with remote control over all production processes. 

Together with MENON technologists, we visited a production facility where feed additives from our supplier's range are successfully used. Our partners had the opportunity to share their experiences with Chinese colleagues and compare the technological and resource features of Russian and Chinese enterprises. 

However, our seminar did not consist only of working events. After meetings and visits to the production facilities, we arranged a recreational program to allow our partners to immerse themselves in the local culture and create unforgettable memories. The participants attended an excursion to a tea plantation, took a walk around Shanghai with a visit to the Oriental Pearl Tower, and enjoyed the incredible beauty of a park and the famous West Lake.

The trip was conducted in a positive and friendly environment. We hope that the seminar has become a source of new knowledge and inspiration. Misma, as a reliable partner, is committed to expanding cooperation opportunities and strengthening business relationships. We invite our partners to participate in such events to open new horizons in the feed additives industry.

Photo report of the event

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