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Seminar in Egypt

Seminar in Egypt

On November 17-21, 2021, a joint international seminar of Misma and Koudijs MKorma was held.

The participants of the three-day seminar in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) were specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

A rich work-program was organized by parallel sessions in the areas of "Laying Hen", "Broiler" and "Pig breeding". We discussed the trends in the development of the raw materials components market during the pandemic, the features of the quality assessment of premixes, safety and microclimate at enterprises.

Reports on the following topics have become relevant and substantive:

element-logo_bullet Reducing the cost of rations;
element-logo_bullet Waste disposal;
element-logo_bullet Ways to reduce the use of antibiotics and coccidiostatics.

As part of the Feed cost Optimization program, the seminar guests were presented the results of the experimental application of the Misma enzyme line: Misma Zim P (protease), Misma Fit MF (phytase) and Misma Zim M (manannase). Feed additives that allow replacing the antibiotics, such as phytobiotic Adicox AP, monolaurin - Nova ML and acidifier - Mismacid, aroused great interest.

After the scheduled speeches and subsequent discussions in the discussion clubs, an active recreation program was organized for the participants. Sports competitions alternated with entertainment events.

We would like to thank the participants of the seminar and colleagues from Koudijs MKorma for their active participation and fruitful cooperation.

Photos from the seminar

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