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Seminar in Novosibirsk

Seminar in Novosibirsk

New achievements in the field of cattle feeding are the topic of the seminar, which was held in Novosibirsk on November 30, 2022. The event for zootechnical specialists and veterinarians was organized with the joint participation of Misma and the “Region BIO Siberia”.

The head of the project on cattle MISMA Vladislav Reshetnyak, Doctor of Biological Sciences Mager S.N. and Doctor of Veterinary Sciences Shkil N.A. made presentations to the participants. The topics of the speeches touched upon the problems of feeding and keeping animals, disease prevention, and productivity improvement.

The seminar program also touched upon such important issues as the optimization of feeding, the effect of feed additives on production indicators, and the maintenance of animal health.

We thank all the participants of the event. We express our gratitude to the “Region BIO Siberia” for its assistance in organizing the seminar.

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