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GMP+B3 certification

GMP+B3 certification

The safety of products supplied by Misma Pro LLC complies with GMP+ FSA standards.

The production of animal feed is an important component of the overall responsibility in the feed chain, including food for humans. One of the guarantors of safety on the part of manufacturers is the practice of product certification.

The Misma Pro company, sharing the desire for the safety of feed and food products in the world, confirmed the quality level by obtaining the GMP+ B3 certificate.

We believe that everyone should have access to safe food, no matter where they live. As a participant in the production of animal food, we strive to produce and offer to the Russian market feed additives and feed ingredients that meet international safety standards.

During the certification, the production facilities for storage, storage and measuring equipment, personnel, etc. were checked. The implemented management system for ensuring the safety of Misma Pro feed meets the requirements of the GMP+ B3 standard "Trade, collection, Storage and transshipment", which is part of the GMP+ FSA module. The obtained Certificate allows Misma Pro to sell its products in any country of the world.

About GMP + International
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and "+" - "integration with HACCP ("Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points"), the Netherlands. The GMP + International certification scheme consists of standards and requirements that guarantee the safety of feed (FSA) and responsible working methods (FRA). By incorporating ISO, HACCP and other elements, the GMP + feed certification scheme guarantees not only safety, but also reliability, quality and stability of the affiliated companies.

We are proud to contribute to feed safety worldwide.

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