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Reducing the percentage of dirty eggs

Reducing the percentage of dirty eggs

The purity of eggshells is an important indicator of product quality. It improves the presentation of the egg, extends its shelf life.

However, the dirty egg problem is ubiquitous. The cause of contamination may be diarrhea in the laying hen, untimely egg collection, improper transportation. As a result, many microbial cells appear in contaminated areas that are able to penetrate into the egg, which not only reduces the shelf life, but also causes diseases in humans (salmonellosis).

The problem with the collection and transportation of eggs can be solved by establishing management at the enterprise, but the program "Feeding program to reduce % of dirty eggs in laying hens", developed by the technical department of Misma Company, which is based on the use of feed additives from the company's product range, will help with diarrhea in birds.

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