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Seminar in the Republic of Belarus

Seminar in the Republic of Belarus

Misma Company held a number of practical seminars in the Republic of Belarus on October 19-22, 2021.

During the visit, we shared with the client companies of our Belarusian partners Alnikor and Biocom the Russian experience of feeding cattle, problems of disposal and disease control.

Belarusian colleagues organized visits to the farms in Minsk and Pruzhany districts.

At the field meetings, the "secrets" of prestarter feeds and the "Protein Platform" program were discussed, which turned out to be especially relevant due to the trend of rising protein prices and the search for alternative sources, for example, such as Menogen.

At the Zhuravlnoye livestock complex, Misma employees conducted an audit of the farm and offered solutions to the tasks facing the complex. Of particular interest were cases on the use of protected urea Menogen, protected methionine Menomet and adsorbents. As part of the discussion of feeding calves, recommendations were given on the use of organic acids in the already proven sodium butyrate + alpha-monolaurin scheme.

We thank our colleagues from the Republic of Belarus for the hospitable meeting and organized events.

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