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MVC-Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary-2021

MVC-Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary-2021

The XXVI annual trade and industrial exhibition "MVC-Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary", which took place on June 16-18 in Moscow at VDNH Expo, has ended.

Despite the complicated epidemiological situation, the exhibition was held in a traditionally busy business mode. The participants presented their new products and solutions, discussed trends in the development and conduct of business in modern conditions, and shared their professional experience.

MISMA prepared proposals and presented its own solutions at the company's stand to support agribusiness in the face of restrictions on the import of feed additives. In particular, the non-hygroscopic source of betaine, which can effectively replace both vitamin B4 (choline) and partially methionine in the diet of agricultural animals, aroused particular interest among visitors to our stand.

Another achievement by Misma is the Ration Optimization Program, which presents solutions aimed at reducing costs while maintaining the nutritional level of rations for farm animals and poultry.

Also at the stand of the company were presented new products from the product line:

Menolipid - feed emulsifier;
Multiox is a complex antioxidant for adding to premixes, feed and feed raw materials;
Menaro Bubble Gum - thermostable chewing gum flavor;
Nova ML - feed additive of lauric acid, directed against gram-positive bacteria and viruses coated with a lipid membrane;
Biopromis Phyto AV3 is a phytobiotic that stimulates the natural antioxidant defense of the cell;
Sources of natural carotenoids - Biopromis Lutein 2% and 4% for enrichment of poultry products with carotenoids.
As well as products of our own brand - a wide spectrum enzyme Misma Zym Multi and a complex acidifier Mismacid.

Meetings with partners were held at the company's stand, and effective negotiations on cooperation were held. All participants were happy to have live communication and the opportunity to discuss pressing problems with colleagues in an offline setting.

Our stand was visited by representatives of the futuristic prediction podcast about technology "The Future We Deserve" MAIL.RU. They were especially interested in new developments of protein feed from insect larvae - promising directions in feeding agricultural and domestic animals, as well as in aquaculture. The results of the conversation will be published shortly.

Despite the challenges facing the feed market, MISMA looks to the future with confidence, guaranteeing its partners a stable supply through a wide range of feed additives, vitamins, amino acids and constant search for new feed solutions.

We are always glad to see you at the stand of our company!

Photo report from the exhibition.

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