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MISMA at the MVC-2022

MISMA at the MVC-2022

On May 22-24, 2022, the 27th International Specialized trade and Industrial exhibition MVC: "Cereals-Mixed feed-Veterinary" was held in Moscow. MISMA Company presented new products from its product line to the guests and exhibitors of the exhibition:

Misma GABA is gamma-aminobutyric acid (min. 98%) obtained by microbiological synthesis. It is used as an anti-stress feed additive, softens the effects of heat stress, stimulates the growth of animals, and is also effective in solving problems with pig cannibalism.

Biopromis Selenium Power is pure L-selenomethionine on a carrier, which is the most bioavailable source of selenium that does not require digestion.

Canthaxanthin 10% is a stabilized source of canthaxanthin in a gelatin-free matrix, synthetic red dye. It is used for pigmentation of egg yolks, broiler skin and salmon fish meat.

Menoso 70 – sodium butyrate protected by the coating method (act. min. 70%). When introduced into the diet, it stimulates the growth of intestinal villi, promotes rapid regeneration of intestinal mucosa cells, increases the safety and productivity of agricultural animals, including birds and fish of the carp family, improves feed conversion

Menoglu is a source of glucose protected from decay in the rumen for cattle and MS.

MISMA recalled her own advanced feed solutions – proven programs aimed at achieving maximum production performance with competent optimization of recipes:

MISMA held scheduled meetings with representatives of partner organizations and negotiations on cooperation with new companies in the industry.

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