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Gold Medal at the Golden Autumn 2023

Commission of the Competition «For the production of high-quality feed and feed additives», organized within the framework of the XXV Russian Agro-industrial Exhibition «GOLDEN AUTUMN — 2023», noted the achievements of MISMA and awarded the company with a Gold Medal «For the development and application of the feed additive MenoHerb in the feeding of farm animals».

The research work "Application of the protected phytobiotic MenoHerb in the diet of farm animals" was submitted for participation in the competition. It was prepared and carried out by MISMA with the support of the Department of Animal Feeding of the K. A. Timiryazev Moscow State Agricultural Academy.

MenoHerb – an innovative protected phytobiotic. The unique production technology allows the active substances to be released along the entire length of the intestines, which, together with a high content of phytoncides - more than 20%, provides unsurpassed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

MISMA focuses on safe and effective feeding of productive animals, which is fundamental for the preservation of human health. One of the significant steps to ensure the safety of the final product for the consumer is the abandonment of non-veterinary use of antibiotics in feed. Therefore, one of the directions of the company's work is the search and implementation of natural solutions, including phytobiotic MenoHerb, as an alternative to antibiotics into practice of Russian enterprises. The materials, submitted to the competition, confirm the antibacterial effect and effectiveness of using feed additive MenoHerb on Russian industrial pig farms, dairy farms and poultry farms.

The recognition of feed additive MenoHerb at the largest event of Russian agro-industrial complex, representing the advanced achievements of the industry, proves the correctness of the chosen development trajectory of MISMA.

We thank the organizers of the exhibition and the competition for their high assessment of our work in the production of high-quality feed additives.

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