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Seminar in Bogdanovich 2023

Seminar in Bogdanovich 2023

On October 11, 2023, MISMA took part in a session dedicated to feeding cattle at the seminar "Modern approaches to nutrition of farm animals". This seminar was organized by the Bogdanovich Feed Mill and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Sverdlovsk region.

"The role of amino acids in cattle feeding" was the topic of the report by Vladislav Reshetnyak, head of the MISMA livestock project.

Limitative (essential) amino acids in the diet of cattle are important for the normal vital activity of the animal's body and the full realization of the genetic potential of high-yielding cows. Feed additive MenoMet, protected source of methionine, is one of the essential amino acids. A sufficient amount of which in the animal's body eliminates protein overfeed, prevents the development of ketosis and increases the protein level in milk.

It is necessary to use a complex of feed additives to maintain health and high productivity. High milk yields and a low percentage of disposal are achieved through the use of effective feed solutions, including a sufficient amount of vitamins, microelements and energy supplements, as well as extra additives:

We express our gratitude to the organizers – JSC "Bogdanovich Feed Mill" for the invitation and the participants of the seminar for their active interest and lively communication.


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