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Seminar on cattle in Ekaterinburg

Seminar on cattle in Ekaterinburg

On August 02, 2022, a seminar for cattle breeders of the cattle direction "HOW TO MAINTAIN PROFITABILITY IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC SITUATION" was held in Ekaterinburg. The event is organized with the joint participation of Misma, Megamix and Alta Genetics Russia.

Representatives of livestock enterprises of Altai, Bashkiria, the Ural region and Kazakhstan gathered to discuss the problems of the industry and share their experience.

The seminar program touched upon the issues of enterprise management, increasing the profitability of business by increasing the productivity of animals and optimizing feed costs. Special attention was paid to the topic of improving the immunity of animals, monitoring the health of livestock and the use of alternative solutions to replace feed antibiotics used in the diet.

Misma presented to the participants a feed solution focused on reducing protein costs, which is based on the functional ability of ruminant rumen to generate protein with high biological value from non-protein nitrogen sources. The introduction of protected urea in the form of a feed additive Menogen significantly reduces the cost of the diet.

The next rational proposal of Misma is prescriptions for replacing antibiotics in feeding young animals. The use of feed phytobiotics AdiCox AP and MenoHerb, the effect of which is comparable to feed antibiotics, has a powerful antibacterial effect and increases the overall resistance of the body of calves to infections of various types, including protozoal.

The feed solutions of Misma for the direction of cattle, proposed to the participants of the seminar, are based on the use of protected feed additives:

During the presentation on the use of feed flavorings, Misma invited the participants to test samples of Menaro aromatic additives. A distinctive feature of Menaro flavors, in addition to the obvious benefits of use for animals in the form of stimulating appetite, is the safety and manufacturability of use, due to the fact that the flavors have high stability during long-term storage, as well as thermal stability.

We thank all participants of the seminar for their questions and interest in Misma products and express our gratitude to the companies Megamix and Alta Genetics Russia for partnership and professionalism in organizing the event.

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