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Discussion of experts of the feed market of the Russia

In a special edition "The Elite of Russian Animal Farming", No. 6 (182) December 2022, of the magazine "Effective Animal Husbandry" two articles were published with the opinions of experts from leading companies in the feed sector.

In the article “Trace elements in the diets of cattle: fashion or direct benefit” is considered the problem of organic micronutrient deficiency and its consequences for cattle in livestock farms in Russian regions.

Yulia Ezerskaya, Head of the Technical Department, was a respondent from Misma Company. Yulia specified statistics about micronutrient deficiencies in cattle in the regions of our country and noted that the need for them will continue to grow due to an increase in the intensity of use of animals and an improvement in their productive qualities. At the same time, the use of trace elements in the diets of agricultural animals must be balanced and strictly meet the feeding standards.

The growing interest in preparations with trace elements among domestic livestock breeders was also considered in the article. Separately, the economic benefit from their use is noted, which has already been confirmed in practice by the leaders of the cattle breeding market.

Misma Company, as a domestic developer of feed additives, offers a wide range of trace elements in organic form under the trademark Biopromis®. The product line includes zinc, manganese, copper and ferrum glycinates, chromium propionate and picolinate, as well as sources of highly absorbable selenium, including a highly concentrated source of organic selenium in the form of selenmethionine with a selenium content of 1%.

The article "Enzymes as an effective solution for growth" contains the opinions of specialists from companies successfully operating in the feed additive market of the Russian Federation.

The head of the technical department in Misma Company, Yulia Ezerskaya, noted a number of advantages of using enzyme products in the diets of farm animals. In addition to reducing the cost of the diet, enzymes affect the performance of animals by making better use of feed nutrients by the body. The use of enzymes has an indirect effect on the improvement of the intestines of animals, reducing anti-nutritional factors. This has a positive effect on the immunity of animals and reduces the spread of infections.

A wide range of enzymes of various forms and directions is presented on the modern market - these are liquid enzymes, monoenzymes and multienzyme complexes. Misma’s product line includes enzymes of its own brand Misma® Zym - protease, mannanase, phytase, as well as a concentrated multi-enzyme complex.

The full text of the article in Russian can be found at the link.

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